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Why Choose Touch Lighting?

Touch lighting refers to lamps and lights which do not need to have a switch flipped in order to switch on and off; instead, they rely on the human body touching them to complete their circuit and turn on. They are a contemporary lighting trend that look fit to stay; but why choose them over conventional lamps with a switch mechanism?

Touch lamps are good for those without strength in their hands

For those with reduced motor skills, weakness, or afflictions like arthritis, touch lamps can be incredibly useful. Flipping a switch often requires a measure of strength and dexterity, as well as fine motor skills, that can be affected at any time by illness or injury. For those with long- or short-term weakness or trouble controlling the movement of their fingers, touch lamps are simple to use, easy to control, and are also faster to use than the alternative switch method.

There is no switch to get damaged

Our homes get dusty because of us. We bring in plant pollen and minerals from the outdoors, as well as shedding human hair, skin cells, and textile fibres to add to the layers of tiny debris that make up dust. Not only can this lie in the folds of carpets and collect on hardwood floors, it can also settle in curtains and other soft furnishings. It’s no different with switches.

Although some lights are made specifically not to let dust inside, these are generally only found in the bathroom and tend not to apply to switches. If there’s plenty of dust around, it can get lodged inside the switch, rendering the light ineffectual.

Touch lamps can add to the aesthetic of a home

If you’re going for an ultra-modern or contemporary look in your own home, forgoing the switches is an easy way to add to the ambience. It clears up clutter in the line of vision and means you can go for a cool and collected mood in your house, never having to fumble inelegantly for a switch, and able to control the lighting with just a touch of your hand.

Since most touch controls are for lamps, you can give your home an ambient glow

Many people prefer the soft glow of lamps to harsher directional lighting given by lightbulbs. Investing in touch lighting means that you can achieve this glow in every room in your home, whether you want to relax in the living room or read in bed.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 2nd November, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct