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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing at Home?

If you are sat enjoying an evening at home and end up in total darkness after yet another lightbulb has blown, you can begin to wonder what you’ve done wrong to deserve this regular annoyance.

Lightbulbs blowing on a regular basis isn’t just a pain in the neck, it can also be pricey too if it keeps happening all over the house, so you’ll want to find a solution to the problem quickly to avoid any more interrupted evenings at home with the family.

Photo by Brennan Burling / Unsplash

Here are three common reasons why your light bulbs keep blowing at home and some better alternatives to stop it happening:

1. Quality matters

When it comes to purchasing lightbulbs, quality really does matter! The elements in cheap bulbs are usually much thinner than their slightly more expensive counterparts, and any small surge of power can cause them to blow instantly. This is why you should always opt for the more expensive bulbs whenever possible as it’s much cheaper in the long run than replacing lower cost bulbs repeatedly.

Take a look at some of our high quality yet reasonably priced bulbs here to ensure that bulbs blowing on an almost weekly basis becomes be a thing of the past.

2. Is your lamp or light fitting to blame?

Occasionally old lamps or light fittings could be the cause of your lightbulb woes. A loose connection in the fitting can sometimes cause a bulb to blow, so it's worth taking a closer look - a loose connection in the circuit can cause the electricity to arc across the bulb’s contacts, providing more heat in the fitting which can ultimately cause the bulb to blow.

If this happens, don't touch the bulb or light fitting for a few minutes as they could cause nasty burns to the fingers and hands.

3. Old halogen bulbs

If you’ve got halogen lightbulbs in your home, any built up grease or dirt on the bulb can cause a 'seeding' of quartz over time. If left unchecked, this can eventually cause the bulb to blow because the crystals becoming too hot, but this is only usually apparent in much older bulbs.

If you think this could be the problem, clean out the light fitting while the lights are turned off and grab some new halogen lightbulbs from our range to stop any more unwanted bulb blowouts occurring around your home.

Photo by Milin John / Unsplash

Created by Daniel Shakles on 23rd April, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles