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Will LED Bulbs Work In My Existing Fittings?

The global LED lighting market has developed so that a wider range than ever of LED Light Bulbs/LED Tube Lights are now available, in a plethora of styles, shapes and designs. There are now LED Light Bulbs on sale which imitate the appearance of traditional Incandescent and Halogen Light Bulbs, making it easier than ever to buy a LED Light Bulb which will be suitable for use in your existing fittings.

A close-up of the light bulbs against the black background in Cascais.
Photo by Marcus Castro / Unsplash

Increasingly, brands have designed ranges of LED bulbs made to fulfil purpose of directly replacing traditional Light Bulbs. You should, of course check the information supplied with any LED Light Bulb before purchasing, to make sure that the bulb you are purchasing is compatible with your existing fittings. Take care to select a base which is suitable for use in your light fitting and contact us directly for further information regarding the suitability of your chosen LED Light Bulb with your existing fittings.