Why You Should Use Daylight Bulbs in the Kitchen

Why You Should Use Daylight Bulbs in the Kitchen

Lighting can drastically change the atmosphere of any room within the home. Warmer and more dimly lit rooms are instantly more cosy and snug. On the other hand, brightly lit rooms help you to feel more alert, awake, and focused. Which lighting best fits where depends on the tasks you will be carrying out in the space. Bedrooms can survive with soft lighting from lamps, whereas a place you definitely need to be able to see is the kitchen. Here, you’re best opting for brighter lighting so you can chop, mix, cook and follow recipes with ease.

Daylight bulbs are specialised lightbulbs designed to imitate natural light. This makes them arguably one of the best options when lighting your kitchen. Here’s a look at all the reasons you should invest in these kitchen-friendly bulbs when redesigning your space.

Ideal for high-concentration tasks

Finely chopping vegetables and following intricate recipes takes a little concentration. And as far as maintaining focus goes, daylight bulbs are the way to go. Designed to resemble “noon on a cloudless day”, these bulbs have a cool temperature of around 5000K. This refers to the amount of blue perceived by the human eye – the higher the figure, the cooler we see the light. We innately feel more awake in natural bright light, and so daylight bulbs are perfect for areas in the kitchen where high-concentration tasks are performed.

Dimmable brightness for flexible lighting

While bright lighting for chopping and cooking is a bonus, sometimes this cool hue isn’t as welcome. When making your early morning cup of coffee, a more muted, warmer lighting would be preferable. The same goes for romantic dinners or evening settings. Thankfully, opting for dimmable daylight bulbs gives you the best of both. Although dimming the light won’t alter the temperature or the rays, it will decrease the intensity. However, when doing high-focused tasks you can simply turn the light up to its max.

Bright and inviting spaces

Finally, daylight bulbs (including led daylight bulbs) can completely transform a space and make it seem much more inviting. Rather than being dimly lit, it looks alive and modern when flooded with light that imitates the sun. This is even more important if you have a kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light through the windows. For anyone wanting a simple way to transform their kitchen without a full rip-out and renovation, changing the lighting has a maximum impact but with minimal effort.