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How To Reset Your Body Clock Using Electrical Lighting


Our busy modern lives often mean that we don't keep to regular sleep patterns. With only 6% of the UK population working the standard 9 to 5 day, more and more members of the UK labour force work shifts than ever before.

If you’ve had a change at work or home and need to reset your body clock to suit your new schedule, our infographic has some excellent tips on how to use electrical lighting to get your body into a new sleep pattern.

Daylight bulbs

One of the keys to resetting your body clock is daylight, and this can be manipulated via the use of electrical lighting.

Choose natural daylight lightbulbs throughout the house and turn them on when you want your body to awaken as cells in your eyes detect light cycles and transmit information to the brain giving it a natural cue to wake up.

Dimmer switches

If you need to head off to sleep during irregular hours, draw the curtains and use a dimmer switch to gradually lower the amount of light available in the room. This will send a signal to the brain that night is approaching and will help you drift off to sleep.

Smart lighting

In order to be successful in resetting your body clock using electrical lighting, it’s best to take things slowly. Smart lighting can help you get up earlier (or later) by timing when you want your natural daylight lightbulbs to spring into action.

Set them to come on half an hour earlier every day and you'll soon be enjoying a new sleep routine.

Created by Daniel Shakles on 17th October, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles