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How To Measure Fluorescent Tubes

Many of us don’t pay attention to our light bulbs until they burn out and when they do, it can be difficult to know exactly which size, shape or style you need to replace the bulb in your fitting exactly.

If your fluorescent tubes have recently fizzled out – don’t panic.

If you’re armed with a tape measure, here’s a table to show you how to interoperate the length and diameter of your blown bulb to give you the type of fluorescent tube you need.

First – what you need to know:

Length: You must measure this from pin to pin at the end of your tube.

Diameter: This is the length of a straight line going from one side of the circle (or the tube) to the other.

Measuring Fluorescent Tubes

Length: 210 – 320 mm

Diameter: 7mm

Tube type: T2

Length: 250 – 760 mm

Diameter: 12mm

Tube type: T4

Length: 150 – 1500 mm

Diameter: 15mm

Tube type: T5

Length: 340 – 1800 mm

Diameter: 25mm

Tube type: T8

Length: 600 – 2400 mm

Diameter: 38mm

Tube type: T12

Don’t forget the circular fluorescent tubes!

Is it fat?

Tube type: T9

Is it thin?

Tube type: T5

Created by Rebecca Appleton on 9th May, 2017


Rebecca Appleton

Rebecca Appleton

Qualified online journalist, specialising in the home improvements and energy saving sectors