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Lower Energy, Lower Bills - GU10 Light Bulbs from BLT Direct!

If you're looking for low energy light bulbs with a difference, turn to BLT Direct, the leading online suppliers of GU10 light bulbs.

Their range of GU10 bulbs are rapidly becoming a direct replacement for standard halogen light bulbs. They consume less energy while providing high power and have known to save up to 80 per cent in running costs, which means not only are you doing your bit to save the environment, you also get the added bonus of lower electricity bills.

The GU10 light bulbs from the firm that also does other energy saving light bulbs feature state-of-the art lamp tube technology which has an integrated patented cooling tube beneath which a high efficiency is maintained through the life of the lamp.

The lamp has an average life of between 8,000 and 15,000 hours meaning it can last for years even with daily use while being extremely environmentally friendly and saving you money on your energy bills. GU10 light bulbs from the LED light bulb specialists can be used for a variety of lighting effects including giving accented lighting and creating effect and mood lighting, and are available in an array of colours to choose from such as Warm White, Cool White and Daylight, amongst others.

They are available in seven, nine, 11 and 14 watts which are equivalent to 40, 50, 60 and 70 watt regular bulbs, respectively. This means less wattage and more power, which in turn leads to lower electricity bills.

You can use these low energy light bulbs domestically in kitchens, bathrooms, receptions, and lounges, and in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and shop displays, making them very adaptable.

To cut costs while getting one of the best and most eco friendly lighting solutions on the market, go for the GU10 light bulbs from BLT Direct.

To buy GU10 bulbs or view their vast catalogue of low energy products, please visit Our Website

Created by Steve Ellwood on 25th May, 2010


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct