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PLC (Double Turn) Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The PLC Compact Lamp is a hugely popular CFL lighting solution for indoor applications that is 50% smaller than a twin tube compact fluorescent making it perfect for space limiting applications and light fixtures, or simply where you need a CFL! There are two type of PLC Compact; the 2 pin and the 4 pin, both push fit cap/base type. This lamp features integrated control gear aiding smooth operation of the lamp.

As a specialist lamp the PLC Compact is only for use in the appropriate light fitting, so be sure to check you have the correct lamp before ordering.

This lamp comes in 10w, 13w, 18w and 26 watt versions and a choice of colour temperatures through the white spectrum to a daylight colour that burns at an impressive 7100K. The most obvious benefits of this lamp are the cost and energy saving advantages it has over a conventional light source. This lamp lasts 8,000 hours and saves up to 60% in energy consumption over the old incandescent light source. Overall a reliable, long lasting lamp ideal for desk lamps, emergency lighting, compact fixtures, downlights and other similar applications.